Popular Classical Dances Of India

Popular Classical Dances Of India


The classical dance is the ancient form of dance in India. It is more like a tradition in the country which is seen in various regional forms. The classical or folk dances can be seen in many stage dance performances, festivals and weddings. The dances are the cultural tradition followed since ancient times and are mostly influenced by the Natya Shastra. Are you interested in learning classical dance? Do you want to follow the roots of the ancients? Well, if you want then, join classical dance classes in Siliguri. Each classical dance form represents the pride of the particular area. This is a thing that makes classical dance even more special!

Classical Dance-The Cultural Tradition in India

What are the most popular classical dances forms in India?


This is a dance form of Tamil Nadu in southern India. It is originally regarded as the temple dance for women. Bharatanatyam is also used for expressing religious Hindu stories and devotions. The series of mudras and hand gestures are used in this dance to tell a story.


The dance classes in Siliguri teaches Kathakali which is a popular religious dance of the country. It is originated from southwestern India, around Kerala. The Kathakali dance form inspires the stories of Ramayana and the classic Shaiva traditions.


Kathak is the classical dance of northern India. It is regarded as a dance of love which is performed by both men and women. The footwork adored by the bell worn around the ankles makes Kathak Dance very unique. It was originated to depict dance, song and drama by the storytellers.


This dance style was originated from Manipur in northeastern India. It is a meaningful dance form which often portrays different scenes from the enormous life of the God Krishna. The Manipuri classical dance is accompanied by narrative chanting and choral singing.


Odissi is another classic dance form taught at dance classes in Siliguri. This is a famous dance of Orissa in eastern India. It is a dance for women which include various postures that replicate the temple sculptures.


This is a dance form of Andhra Pradesh which requires both dancing and singing talent. Kuchipudi is a highly ritualized classical dance with a sprinkling of holy water, burning incense and innovations of goddesses. 

These above mentioned six classical dances depict the fascinating culture and ancient history of India. If you are interested in learning this classical dance then surely you can learn at dance classes in Siliguri.

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