Focus On The Steps, Dreaming With Your Feet

Focus On The Steps, Dreaming With Your Feet


Live with your dream to stay away from stress and anxiety. A dream can help a person to lead a healthy life where things can be easily managed with the perspective of setting new goals. Dance is a form of art that can be explained in many words. Dancing can be a dream to symbolize balance and harmony. It is important to stick to your dream by coping up with the challenges that arise on the way. Pat attention to the mood, steps and type of dance you like most. Dance connects the body with the soul and reflects actual experiences of life.

 Both traditional and western dance is connected with dedication and real-life relationships. In the ancient time, dance tells stories through expression, gesture, movement and performance. In recent time, dance is categorized into many types but the storytelling ideas are the same where the mind is empowered with a single identity. Dance school in Siliguri support dancers to learn the art in a true sense and give them a chance to turn their dream into reality. At the beginning of the session, the dream needs to be interpreted through the location of the dance where each of the places symbolizes different stages.

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Dancing Dream Interpretation

Dancing on Stage

The biggest dream for every dancer is to showcase the talent in front of larger audiences. Dancing on stage is a representation of pride and exhibiting the moment need lots of confidence as well. It is important to feel the dance and learn the steps to represent the art in a larger space. Once the dancer transforms the art into a successful platform, it connects the soul with the ultimate goal.

Dancing in the rain

Dance can be interpreted as the expression of emotions in a larger context. Dancing in the rain will show your mood and give you a better experience. Both excitement and sorrow can be connected through the movement of the body and finally represented as dance forms. Going to a dance school in Siliguri will make you understand about the different ways of connecting dance with one's life.

Dancing in a competition

The moment a human being is competing with others, lots of mental stress and thoughts come to the mind. A trained and experienced dancer will fulfil the dream by presenting thoughts and concepts in a better sense. Competition is sometimes a fight to perform better than others and force the dancer to come with the best performance.

So, your dream can be better executed by joining a dance school in Siliguri where each of the parameters is explained through proper training and execution. 

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